Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Oh Mother Earth

I’m going down

A warm breeze

Dries my eyes

So I might see

The stars


And glistening

In the sky


And when I feel this way

Don’t leave my side

Don’t turn away

Hold my hand

And keep me

From being


Of the



The bitter frost

Of endless space

No I cannot bare

To face it


Oh Mother Earth

I’m going down

And when I leave my friends

The ones I love

Will I ever

Know them again

Or will I understand

Their tenderness

Their loveliness


And when I feel this way

Hold me close to your bosom

And set me down to lay

Forever and



Press your body into mine

As if your soul

Could enter



Am I to lie here


Alone in death


For I could cry

A million tears

For a single day

Or a thousand years

Without my



Oh Mother Earth

I’m going down

And soon the sun will set

I will forget

All is silent

And I cry








Love to Steve Wolf who wrote the original version of this song, but I cannot, for all the years passed, remember it but as an inspiration.  I love you, Brother, and miss you.


I know


I know it feels

Like your drowning

The cold and fear

You’re sinking down in


A last breath

Pray for guidance

Embrace death

Lay in silence


I know the pain

Of this passing

There’re no answers

To what you’re asking


There’s only Void

What’s beyond

Let go of all

Fear holds on


I know it’s hard

Your Ego dying

It cannot serve

The enlightened


So say goodbye

This is your moment

End your Self

End your torment


I am Void

Am nothing

No nothing


Only consciousness 

To create



What sublime




I know it feels

Like Heaven

But it’s just being

In the moment


You can touch

All that you feel

What were dreams

You now make real


I know it seems

Like freedom

Yet many souls

Fall prey to demons


Sisters, brothers

Hopeless, wandering

Lost forever

Without your suffering


I know it feels

Like your drowning

Knowing fear of Hell

You must go down in


A final test

There is no guidance

Thier souls for yours

Eternal Silence





Lavender Soul

Lavender Soul

I have thought

I have dreamed

My mind drifting

Wondrous visions

In my head

My heart lifted

By blessings gifted

I live and breathe

These moments

Then breathe no more

Stricken within

My mind in awe

What passion is this

I see your colors

Your Lavender Soul

I feel your warmth

End not your embrace







I am madder than I seem

I am almost mystical

How I hide

Look into my nothing

I am not here

I am shade

Take of piece of warning

Take a pound of flesh

There will be none

No reckoning

Only pleading

Only death

You cannot have life

You cannot die

You remain

As I





I Don’t Know

love lost II

In a world gone dark

I feel something

I don’t know what it is

But it feels like rain


I don’t know but it

Feels like rain


In a broken heart

I feel something

I don’t know what it is

But it feels like shame


I don’t know but it

Feels like shame



I feel my anger coming

A black storm of lightning and thunder

The wind it brings stings and the clouds wear

The faces of my fathers

Torn from the earth in this torrent

Swept up into the clouds where

My soul fights its war and

Win or lose I end up falling


Win or lose I end up falling


I’m falling



So now I’m torn apart

And I feel something

I don’t know what it is

But it feels insane


I don’t know but it

Feels insane


I know









In touch with a feeling

Far beyond imagination

Search for the meaning

Hidden in the blessing


An impossible dream

Is she an aparition

A Goddess she seems

In her love and wisdom


It’s been a long, long time now

Since I’ve been touched so

But I know that somehow

I’ll fail and let her go


I rush for an ending

Far beyond needs or reason

Deployed and defending

For fear of Love’s treason


An illogical need

Where the Hell is realization

I’ve fought to succeed

My soul given ultimatum


And it’s a long, long way down

To reach my soul

But there will be found

The truth you want to know


It’s more than it’s seeming

Soul to soul connection

I’m on my knees pleading

My heart needs protection


I apologize I am weak

Never felt this sensation

How can this be

A dead heart has such passion


Oh how love confounds

Thieves all elation

Tears me down

Complete obliteration


It is an illusion