This is my sanctuary, where I come to be heard, where I lay my soul down in lyrical metaphors hoping that one person who reads will understand, and their day will be brighter for it.   This is where I tell my story in less words than the shorts or novels of my other pages; passion no less, and need just as strong.

If I could say I have a wish regarding these efforts, it would be that someone—anyone—realized how tenuous our spiritual situation is on the ball of dirt we spin around on, and that this person joined me, and took up the sword of Word and the shield of Voice and joined in this battle that we are now so badly losing.

Dig deep into your dark, I say, and find what lies there.  Embrace, for it needs your love too.  We suffer, and we don’t know why.  In expression and experience we find the answer.


Your Shadow's voice is welcome here.

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