I know


I know it feels

Like your drowning

The cold and fear

You’re sinking down in


A last breath

Pray for guidance

Embrace death

Lay in silence


I know the pain

Of this passing

There’re no answers

To what you’re asking


There’s only Void

What’s beyond

Let go of all

Fear holds on


I know it’s hard

Your Ego dying

It cannot serve

The enlightened


So say goodbye

This is your moment

End your Self

End your torment


I am Void

Am nothing

No nothing


Only consciousness 

To create



What sublime




I know it feels

Like Heaven

But it’s just being

In the moment


You can touch

All that you feel

What were dreams

You now make real


I know it seems

Like freedom

Yet many souls

Fall prey to demons


Sisters, brothers

Hopeless, wandering

Lost forever

Without your suffering


I know it feels

Like your drowning

Knowing fear of Hell

You must go down in


A final test

There is no guidance

Thier souls for yours

Eternal Silence





2 responses to “I know

    • The Ego and Shadow are the same entity. Learned many things today.
      Overwhelmed by the selfless choice my selfish Ego/Shadow has made; to not just submit to the end, but to help me. Then realized, that this is all my shadow has ever done; protect me to the best of his ability. So much to say that it demands silence.

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