In touch with a feeling

Far beyond imagination

Search for the meaning

Hidden in the blessing


An impossible dream

Is she an aparition

A Goddess she seems

In her love and wisdom


It’s been a long, long time now

Since I’ve been touched so

But I know that somehow

I’ll fail and let her go


I rush for an ending

Far beyond needs or reason

Deployed and defending

For fear of Love’s treason


An illogical need

Where the Hell is realization

I’ve fought to succeed

My soul given ultimatum


And it’s a long, long way down

To reach my soul

But there will be found

The truth you want to know


It’s more than it’s seeming

Soul to soul connection

I’m on my knees pleading

My heart needs protection


I apologize I am weak

Never felt this sensation

How can this be

A dead heart has such passion


Oh how love confounds

Thieves all elation

Tears me down

Complete obliteration


It is an illusion






2 responses to “Illusion

    • A lot of fear in these lyrics. Something we all can relate to, think on any level. Thank you, Sheri.

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