My Shadow

my-shadow II

Cast down from father to son
An heirloom for the ages
He’s the last one, no another comes
So point your fingers and blame him

His cage is guilt, their whips are fear
They lash him through his training
His rage is held in a bitter tear
As he swears they’ll never change him

They grasp the past in their rotted hands
And squeeze it of all its sorrows
Smiling they drink this blood and tears
And blacker grows the Shadow

Shadow you hold your secrets
Like a wicked and ancient carcass
How many souls have poured their woes
Into your bloated darkness

Listen now…

And I’ll tell you something about my shadow
It is where my anger lies
There is where my secrets sleep
And where my guilt resides

It holds a million tears and a thousand sorrows
Some of which are not mine
From deep within I hear them whispering
From down where my demons hide

In my Shadow

My life-long friend




3 responses to “My Shadow

    • Oh yes! All the guts I had on that subject at the time was dumped into the song. I was 21 or there about. I have included some of these lyrics in my intro to the Graveyard of My Mind site. Shadows are handed down, for better or worse. I see mine in my son. I have to be willing to, or I cannot be there for them; my son and his shadow.

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