Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Oh Mother Earth

I’m going down

A warm breeze

Dries my eyes

So I might see

The stars


And glistening

In the sky


And when I feel this way

Don’t leave my side

Don’t turn away

Hold my hand

And keep me

From being


Of the



The bitter frost

Of endless space

No I cannot bare

To face it


Oh Mother Earth

I’m going down

And when I leave my friends

The ones I love

Will I ever

Know them again

Or will I understand

Their tenderness

Their loveliness


And when I feel this way

Hold me close to your bosom

And set me down to lay

Forever and



Press your body into mine

As if your soul

Could enter



Am I to lie here


Alone in death


For I could cry

A million tears

For a single day

Or a thousand years

Without my



Oh Mother Earth

I’m going down

And soon the sun will set

I will forget

All is silent

And I cry








Love to Steve Wolf who wrote the original version of this song, but I cannot, for all the years passed, remember it but as an inspiration.  I love you, Brother, and miss you.

3 responses to “Mother Earth

  1. A beautiful recreation Chris. I look forward to my recovery and our hopeful reunion. you too, …..Steve

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