Mt. Vision Revisited

There is a land in my soul

Shaped and formed by the tides of my emotions

A place of dreams it is

Wonderfully magical

Alight with the spirit of my being

The gentle rolling of the ocean is my laughter

The breeze, a deep sigh

The clouds, a moment’s contemplation

The suns, my ever constant Truth

Yet somewhere in this peaceful realm

On the dark side of a lonely hill

Lies a shadowed place of unpleasant depths

Where secrets dance ‘tween ancient trees

Then are lost in shadow’s impenetrable dark

Where deathly silence then reigns

Until with a cry of guilt it is shattered

Then awake sometimes to find Myself

Wandering like whispers in the darkness

Tears fall like torrential rain

This sorrowful shower of shame

Leaves me shivering in the cold

Until a shining light pierces

The tangled twisting trees of doubt

To lead me back to my place of dreams

And warm me on this journey

So I stand upon my hill

Looking out over all I deeply  love

A single tear of joy leaves my eye

As the blessing takes my heart


Mt. Vision, Inverness, CA – December 23 1998


Concentric Rings


Storm clouds rolling overhead
Raining down memories like molten lead
It feels like Hell, it tastes like wine
Sipping sorrows from the glass of time

Cast another stone into still waters

A fear founded, a lover met
Am I the Duke of Class, or household pet
One to sedate, one to satisfy
A heavenly gift, or a heinous crime

Cast another stone into still waters

A lonely kingdom, an empty bed
Upon a razor pillow I rest my head
Her tender insults ,and passionate lies
My silent screams, and muffled cries

Cast another stone into still waters

A thought unspoken, yet so much said
A private invitation written blood-red
Dressed in your best for my suicide
One last kiss, then we wave goodbye

Cast another stone into still waters

The damned and the demons await the dead
The self-loathing soul’s bitter end
A fate foretold in words of the wise
The mother of misery is Truth compromised

Cast another stone into still waters

Cast another stone

Into my still waters




My Everything

rose on piano

My mind turns
It stops when I think of you

My heart beats
It ceases when I see you

My breath comes
It quickens as I touch you

My love is as the universe

It spins
It grows
It evolves
It lives

My soul cries
It heals when I embrace you

My voice breaks
It speaks only true with you

My body craves
It yearns so to be with you

My love is as the Universe

It gives
It grows
It loves
It lives

Call and there will be no echo
My love is endless

There are no walls or chasms
My love is endless

All my world is mine to give
My love is endless

All my world is yours to have
My love is endless

I wish
I pray
I beg

Be my heart
Be my love
Be my life

Be my everything





lonely tree

I hear your voice calling
I hear your heart beating
What am I to do here
I cannot reach you

My hands grope in darkness
My hands find no purchase
I am empty, a void
I am lost, a wanderer

I love as in a bubble
I love as on an island
How I long for you
How I starve for you

I cry as if alone in rain
I cry and no one knows this
Is there a word here
Just a word to save me

How I fall into the spiral
How I fall into this doubting
I need a hand to live
To live without you

I breath for the sake of it
I breath for the rest of it
I taste you so deeply
I taste you at last

My soul cries